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  • pictures of bed frames

    Modern Bed Frames & What We Bought!

    ohhihandpies_qouh6h September 24, 2020

    After recently deciding to upgrade to a new organic mattress and make it a King size! We realized we needed a good solid frame for the type of mattress we planned to purchase. I haven’t had an actual bed frame that wasn’t just the metal frame you get from the mattress store since I was in college! We had previously built our own headboard from wood planks for our Queen…

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  • Bullet Journal 2.0

    ohhihandpies_qouh6h April 27, 2020

    A few years ago I started using a bullet journal to keep myself in order… well, mostly to keep my mind in order. It helped so much! I was a new mom, running a business and working on readjusting my expectations for what “productivity” really means for me. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about various layouts! I used some scratch paper for a couple of weeks to test…

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