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  • Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Staying Home!

    britta September 18, 2020

    I’ve been itching to update my wardrobe, but every time I shop around online these days, I can’t seem to convince myself that I really NEED any of these clothes – I don’t go anywhere! So, I’ve turned my efforts from mindlessly shopping into curating a Capsule Wardrobe! If you haven’t heard of a Caspsule Wardrobe, it’s an idea that fills your closet with strategic items rather than random pieces…

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  • Cleaning Up & Clearing Out

    britta September 17, 2020

    Do you ever have a thing – an object or a space in your house or a project on your list – that gives you an inner shudder everytime you see or think of it? This week, while mostly being completely stuck inside our house due to the inferior air quality, I took a moment to think about those things and how I could fix them or create boundaries around…

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  • Fall “Play List”: 10 Fun Things to do in Grays Harbor

    britta September 9, 2020

    It’s (almost) fall in the PNW! Yet another season – where we’re still under a level of quaratine/social distancing precautions to keep safe – and, if you’re like me and have kids who are getting VERY ANTSY, you might need to get out. At least outside… or something different. Here are a few ideas for you – some things that we have planned for the season ourselves! And don’t forget…

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  • The Organic Mattress Hunt!

    britta September 2, 2020

    In recent years, sustainable and ethical choices have really become a highlight in my decision making process. I do enjoy a good research project, so it honestly is interesting to dive into where things come from and how they are made – from our food to clothes to our house and everything in it! Since getting married, my husband and I have made 2 big purchases – our couch and…

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  • Meditations on Lavender

    britta April 28, 2020

    While I was pulling apart this lavender to be used for some unknown future project, I started thinking about the life of this lavender – and also, just how very farmy I felt in the moment.  For one, I was wearing a black and white check maxi skirt and standing at my butcher block counters saving dried lavender… I don’t consider my style to be anything even remotely “country” but…

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